“Dan Tate is a consummate pianist and teacher. He has depths of understanding far beyond his years.”

-Seymour Bernstein, NYU Department of Music


"It has been such an enormous privilege for me to get to know and perform Dan's gorgeous compositions. Time and again I am struck by his ability to conjure a completely unique and transportive soundscape, but to infuse it with lyrics that feel honest and familiar. The depth and integrity of these pieces is something special. "

-Emily Merrell, BYU Department of Music


"Dan’s music is sophisticated, yet emotionally resonant.  Each song has something new and innovative to say, and his approach to songwriting consistently impresses me with its thoughtful, sensitive craftsmanship."

-Dr. Kevin Olson, USU Department of Music


“Dan's knowledge of music and piano performance is exceptional. Our daughters have thrived under his tutelage.”

-Kim McCulloch, MD


“I have been so pleased with the instruction our 7-year-old has received from Dan. I couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up piano and how much she enjoys playing and practicing. I would have never expected that in just a few months of lessons she would already be playing at the level she is playing. Dan has an amazing rapport with her and she looks forward to seeing him every week. I am thrilled that we have been able to have Dan as a piano instructor!”  

-Amy Kleiner, PhD

"Most of us who live in Cache Valley will agree that it is not hard to find quality music education. However, being able to have my child taught by Mr. Tate is an absolute privilege. Mr. Tate is not only a highly-accomplished pianist, but also a great teacher. He is extremely patient, soft-spoken, respectful and friendly to everyone, and very inspiring. I almost feel that he has some sort of magic power in presenting goals and discipline in gentle terms that reach children. He is the best of the best."

-Reyhan Baktur, PhD

“Dan has a way with children. He understands their strengths and weaknesses and gives them focus. All our friends that we have recommended Dan to have had the same positive experience. We would recommend Dan without any reservation. You will not be disappointed!!!”

-Prafulla Garg, MD

“Dan has a trifecta of characteristics that make him a simply awesome teacher for kids: 1) He is, in his own right, a remarkable pianist.  Cache Valley does not know what a gem it has in Dan.  2)  He is an excellent instructor.  He knows how to teach.  And he knows how to teach kids.  And 3)  He really, really knows how to relate to and work well with young people.  He is kind and patient.  He sees youth for what they are, young and developing—not just miniature adults—and understands their minds and emotions.  He teaches according to their level of personal development, but he also has high expectations for his students.

Hey, anybody who plays the piano can try to teach piano.  But one cannot teach above his or her own level of ability with the piano.  Dan is a top-shelf pianist.  Not everybody can teach well, and fewer still can teach youth well, while bringing them to a high level musically.  Dan can do both.

Kids who are lucky enough to study with Dan are very fortunate — they learn to play the piano very well, and they have a good experience in the process.  You will not regret the decision to study with Dan.”

-Rob (and Dr. Vera) Carlson


“We feel very fortunate to have Dan teach piano to two of our daughters. Not only is he extremely talented and knowledgeable, but he also knows how to teach in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. We have been very impressed at how patient, kind, and respectful he is, while at the same time challenging and motivating the girls to do their best.

Dan sets clear expectations and communicates well with students and parents. Meeting with him quickly after each lesson helps us know how to better help our children during the week and we feel much more involved in our children’s learning than we have in the past.

Dan has such a love for music, which he is passing on to his students as he teaches in such an enthusiastic and positive way. He lets his students know of their potential and that they can become amazing pianists if they will put in the effort. His positive attitude has inspired my girls and changed their attitudes towards their piano practicing.

We would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for an amazing piano teacher. We know you will love him as much as we do! Thanks Dan!!!”

-Mindy Nordstrom


"In the words of my son Ian, 'Dan is insanely fantastic!' He is incredibly patient and is able to work well with both children and adults."

-Megan Bressel, MPT

“Dan has a large, vibrant studio with students of various ages, abilities, and talents. Dan is an excellent pianist and composer who builds strong relationships with his students. The fruits of his teaching excellence are revealed in the frequent studio recitals, where we admire the students’ collective, continuous, steady progress in technique, expression, and often times, composition.”

-Areti Kiara, PhD


"Dan was recommended to us by one of our very good friends. Since switching over to Dan, our daughter has improved much more quickly than she did with past piano teachers. She shows more interest in playing the piano now and is excited to keep learning, all thanks to Dan. Even my husband says that he would like to study piano with him when he gets a chance. We would highly recommend Dan to anyone, anytime. Thanks for teaching our daughter Dan, we really do appreciate it!

-Shobna Garg


"Dan has taught my children piano lessons for over two years.  I have seen great progress in their playing abilities during this time.  Dan is a brilliant teacher.  He is very professional and my children are motivated to practice hard for him.  They also trust him.  Recently when I was learning a piece I struggled with, my 17-year-old son offered this suggestion, "Mom, you should have a lesson with Dan.  Whenever I get stuck in a piece he always fixes it for me."  This is true!  I have noticed that when my children have a tough spot in a piece, they always come home from their lesson with that spot much improved. Dan is also helping my children become more independent pianists.  Another time, while working on the same piece, my 15-year-old son said, "Mom, I think you should shape your phrases."  He then offered me a great suggestion on how to improve a section of the piece.  I know he was able to hear what needed to be done because of how Dan is teaching him. Dan also pushes the boys to work hard.  On more than one occasion my other two sons have come home with pieces I was not sure they were ready for, but Dan has helped them learn the pieces beautifully. My husband and I feel greatly blessed to have Dan sharing his talent with our family and helping our children maximize their playing abilities."

-Becky Belka


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